Murders of Joe Lee Richards and Randall Anderson by Marissa Wright profiled on Snapped

Mugshot of Marissa Wright
Marissa Wright is serving life in prison for killing two men and burying them in her backyard. Pic credit: AR Dept. of Corrections

Oxygen is re-airing the Snapped investigation into the murders of Joe Lee Richards Jr and Randall Anderson, who were both murdered by Marissa Wright at her home in Traskwood, Arkansas.

Both Richards and Anderson had had a romantic relationship with Wright and had then gotten on her wrong side. She killed them both on separate occasions and buried them in the backyard.

The cops began investigating Wright in November 2010 when they received a tip that she was involved in the disappearance of Richards and Anderson and that their remains may be buried at her home.

The investigators subsequently learned that Wright had confessed to her father that the two men were buried in the backyard. The police found Anderson under a koi pond and Richards buried nearby.

Wright confessed to the police. She said she killed Anderson because he took her dead mother’s jewelry. She called him a “piece of s**t” and showed no remorse for killing him.

Wright reportedly hit Anderson with an ax, and when he tried to flee, she forced him back into the house. She was aided by Jay Beeson.

Marissa Wright buried Joe Lee Richards and Randall Anderson in her backyard

Anderson was hogtied before Wright suffocated him with a plastic bag. Wright and Beeson then buried him in the yard, and Wright later installed a koi pond over the remains.

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Wright showed remorse for killing Richards. She said she shot him after he surprised her in the home. She told the detectives she remembered saying to the corpse, “Just shut up. You ain’t dying. There’s not even any blood.”

However, eyewitnesses claim Ricahrds caught her making methamphetamine and confronted her about it.

Marissa Wright pleaded guilty to killing Joe Lee Richards and Randall Anderson

Wright was charged with capital murder and was facing the death penalty; however, she agreed to plead guilty to first-degree murder, so was sentenced to life without parole.

After Wright pleaded guilty, Joe Lee Richards Sr reflected on the death of his son, stating to reporters, “She killed my son, but I don’t hate her for it. I don’t.”

Richards added, “My solution to things is I believe in the Bible. In the Bible, God says vengeance is his. So I trade him for his vengeance and whatever he thought was right. And he’s doing it now. I believe that’s the correct way to handle it.”

Beeson pleaded guilty to kidnapping, abuse of a corpse, and hindering apprehension for his role in the murder of Anderson. He was sentenced to serve 385 days, followed by a further 120 months suspended.

This episode of Snapped re-airs Thursday at 8/7c on Oxygen.

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