Murder of Richard Bailey by Devon Callicutt investigated on See No Evil

Mugshot of Devon Callicutt
Devon Callicutt eventually admitted to the cops that he had pulled the trigger on Richard Bailey. Pic credit: Albany Police Dept.

See No Evil is in Albany, New York, to investigate the murder of Richard Bailey, who was gunned down in the street by Devon Callicutt in 2008.

The 22-year-old Bailey was a student from Long Island who had hoped to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a cop, but tragically, he was murdered due to a botched robbery.

On the evening of October 20, 2008, Callicutt, along with his pals, Ricardo “Rico” Caldwell and King “Cokilla” Modest, committed a series of armed robberies. The three were riding around on bicycles looking to score “free money” after Caldwell lost some money playing dice.

Caldwell and Modest acted as lookouts, while Callicutt demanded money from unsuspecting victims. Unfortunately for Richard Bailey, he became one of their victims. The robbery went wrong, and the young student from Long Island was shot in the head with a single bullet.

A passing motorist later spotted Bailey’s corpse lying in the street and dialed 911. Callicutt and the other two thugs had fled the scene.

A couple of months later, the Albany police arrested Callicutt on an unrelated charge of attempted criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree. While awaiting his sentence, the police asked him to take a polygraph test in connection to the Bailey murder.

The cops offered Callicutt a reduced sentence on the weapon charge as an incentive to take the test. He agreed to their terms despite the advice from his lawyer, who warned him not to partake. It seems the test results were inconclusive, and the prisoner got a reduced sentence of just five years.

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Devon Callicutt remained the prime suspect

However, the police weren’t about to drop the Bailey case, so they interviewed Callicutt again in September 2009, and this time they actually got a confession. He admitted to shooting Bailey during the course of an attempted robbery and to committing two other armed robberies during that same evening.

The killer was promptly charged with first-degree murder and attempted robbery. He was also charged with two counts of robbery in relation to the two other crimes that evening.

The police got a further break when Caldwell and Modest agreed to testify against their former partner in crime. They both confessed to acting as lookouts and pleaded guilty to attempted robbery. Caldwell received 12 years behind bars and Modest got 10.

In 2010, Callicutt was convicted of murder and received a life sentence.

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See No Evil airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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2 years ago

Those three pieces of s**t would die by my hands if that was my son. They would be begging me to kill them. I would torture them without mercy

Mike Chism
Mike Chism
2 years ago

“spotted Bailey’s corpse lying in the street” how morbid why couldn’t you just say his body?

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