Murder of Nikki Anderson and daughter Adrienne still unsolved: On the Case With Paula Zahn investigates

Family pic of Nikki Anderson and Adrienne
Nikki Anderson and Adrienne were strangled to death in their home in Bremerton, WA. Pic credit: On the Case With Paula Zahn/Facebook

On the Case With Paula Zahn is investigating the sickening murders of Nikki Anderson and her young daughter, Adrienne, in Bremerton, Washington, in 1986.

On January 30, 1986, the bodies of 27-year-old Nikki Anderson and her 4-year-old daughter Adrienne were found lying on the floor of their home. They had both been strangled to death. Nikki’s 20-month old son was thankfully still alive in his playpen; investigators deduced that the infant had lain mere feet away from the bodies of his mother and half-sister for up to 20 hours.

The condition of the home indicated that there had been a violent struggle between Nikki and her killer. This was not a robbery, nothing had been stolen, and valuables were clearly on display.

Suspicion immediately fell on Nikki’s ex-partner and Adrienne’s father, Kenny Hale, who had reportedly found the bodies and had been the last to see them alive. Nikki was supposed to be moving soon to San Diego to be with her new fiance, the father of her infant son, and she would be taking Adrienne with her. The cops suspected that Hale had murdered them rather than allow this to happen.

According to Hale, a police officer said to him on the first day of the investigation: “Look me in my eyes. Look me in my eyes. I want to see a murderer look me in my eyes.”

But there was a problem; Hale was later deemed entirely innocent. He is not even considered a person of interest anymore. More recently, DNA evidence conclusively ruled him out as the killer.

Nikki Anderson and daughter Adrienne killings unsolved since 1986

The identity of the killer remains a complete mystery to this day. The police have collected DNA samples from numerous known serial killers and have also collected DNA from all the men who knew Nikki.

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Unfortunately, there has been no match. And there is not enough DNA to give to a genealogy site, meaning the cops are unable to even identify the family of the killer.

The investigators still believe that the killer was known to Nikki and that the attack had a sexual nature, but it continues to be an open mystery.

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2 years ago

who was the dad of the 2nd child? i would be looking at that angle. maybe he wanted his own kid but didnt want the little girl so….or he knew she could identify him.

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