Murder of Mark Levitoff by Rain Dancer Dickey-O’Brien examined on Homicide Hunter: American Detective

Police tape

Homicide Hunter: American Detective is examining the murder of US Forest Service worker Mark “Jerry” Levitoff, who was gunned down and robbed by Rain Dancer Dickey-O’Brien in a remote area of Plumas County, California.

On January 22, 2000, the body of 53-year-old Levitoff was found in a mound of snow about 90 yards from his pickup truck. He had been killed by a shotgun blast to the head; he also suffered a gunshot to the hand, suggesting he was in a defensive position when he was executed. His wallet was missing.

The hood of Levitoff’s truck was up, and there were jumper cables attached to the battery. The cops found an embossed ‘H’ logo from a Honda car and used shotgun shells at the scene.

An autopsy determined that Levitoff had been murdered two days before his remains were found.

The cops got a breakthrough when they learned someone had used Levitoff’s card to buy a car battery in Elko, Nevada. The investigators requested that the card’s account remain open so they could track its use.

Detectives tracked the killer traveling through California, Nevada, and on through Utah to a campsite on the Wyoming border. The cops surrounded and arrested Dickey-O’Brien at the campsite.

Plumas County cops had evidence against Rain Dancer Dickey-O’Brien for Mark Levitoff killing

Dickey-O’Brien was caught in possession of Levitoff’s credit card and a shotgun that matched shells to the ones found at the crime scene. The killer’s Honda was also missing its ‘H’ logo.

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Dickey-O’Brien admitted to shooting Levitoff. He said his car was having battery trouble, and Levitoff had stopped to help. However, when the vehicle appeared to be working normally, the killer retrieved his shotgun and ordered Levitoff to stand against a tree so he could shoot him.

Levitoff threw his wallet at Dickey-O’Brien and ran for his life, but unfortunately, he slipped in the snow, and the killer caught up to him.

Rain Dancer Dickey-O’Brien given live for Mark Levitoff murder

Dickey-O’Brien pleaded not guilty through insanity. He claimed voices in his head told him Levitoff was a demon posing as a CIA agent who would “brainwash me and have control over me and turn me into a zombie.” He told a psychiatrist that he had to kill the demon.

However, the authorities deemed the killer was sane and convicted him of murder. He was sentenced to life without parole. As of writing, the now-45-year-old killer is housed at the California Health Care Facility in Stockton, CA.

Homicide Hunter: American Detective airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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27 days ago

Hopefully Rainbird is getting “prison justice” every day!

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