Murder of Leon Harrison by Tiesh Rhue and Alexander Rhue investigated on Homicide Hunter: American Detective

Mugshots of Tiesh and Alexander Rhue
Siblings Tiesh Rhue and Alexander Rhue Jr. are serving lengthy sentences for killing Tiesh’s husband. Pic credit: SC Dept. of Corrections

Homicide Hunter: American Detective is examining the murder of Leon Harrison Jr., who was killed by his wife, Tiesh Rhue, and her brother, Alexander Rhue, Jr. The two killers were aided in covering up the murder by their father, Alexander Rhue Sr.

The 32-year-old Harrison is thought to have gone missing from his home in Georgetown, South Carolina, on February 25, 2017. However, he was not reported missing until March 9.

Harrison’s father and the mother of his children reported his disappearance to the police. Two days later, his body was found floating in the Black River in a rural area of Georgetown County.

A waterfront homeowner spotted the body. Harrison’s hands and legs were tightly bound with wire. The remains were badly decomposed, meaning a cause of death was not ascertained.

The investigators identified Harrison because of a distinctive tattoo on his arm dedicated to the memory of his late mother.

The cops learned that Harrison and his wife, Tiesh Rhue, had a strained relationship, and they had argued on February 25. The investigators discovered a strip of carpet had been removed from the bedroom, and there were traces of blood underneath. The DNA in the blood matched to Harrison.

Evidence mounted against Rhue family in the Leon Harrison murder

Alexander Rhue, Jr. and Alexander Rhue, Sr. were both spotted by a surveillance camera in Walmart later that night at about 1 a.m. buying two bottles of hydrogen peroxide.

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Finally, Google geo-fencing data indicated that all three suspects had turned off their cellphones simultaneously on the night Harrison disappeared.

Tiesh Rhue, Alexander Rhue Sr., and Alexander Rhue Jr. were all arrested for murder and obstruction of justice.

Tiesh Rhue and Alexander Rhue Jr. convicted of killing Leon Harrison

Alexander Sr. was acquitted of murder, but he was convicted of obstruction. He was given an eight-year suspended sentence and three years probation. He had already served 549 days in custody.

Tiesh and Alexander Jr. were both convicted of murder and obstruction. They were each given 37 years for the murder and a further eight years for the obstruction.

After the verdict, Harrison’s cousin, Reese Moultrie, told reporters that she saw the victim’s father, Leon Harrison Sr., smile for the first time since his son’s death. Moultrie said, “He told me he can finally sleep now.”

Moultrie also said, “We are a close family. Yes, he was my cousin, but we were close. We were raised like we were siblings.”

Homicide Hunter: American Detective airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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