Murder of Kelli Underwood by Ronnie Welborn and Kadie Robinson examined on Mean Girl Murders

Mugshots of Ronnie Welborn and Kadie Robinson
Ronnie Welborn and Kadie Robinson both confessed to arranging the murder of Kelli Underwood. Pic credit: Collin County Sheriff’s Office

ID is re-airing the Mean Girl Murders investigation into the murder of Kelli Underwood by her boyfriend Ronnie Welborn, who was encouraged to arrange Underwood’s killing by his other girlfriend, Kadie Robinson.

Welborn paid Delvin Powell and Robert Veal to act as the hitmen in the shocking murder that appalled the community in Princeton, Texas.

The police believe Powell and Veal killed Underwood in the early morning hours of September 17, 2017. Her remains were discovered a few days later by her daughter. She had been shot with a .22-caliber weapon and stabbed in the face.

Underwood was an employee in Welborn’s company, and the pair had been in a long-term relationship for many years. However, Welborn was living with Robinson, and she had recently given birth to their child.

Robinson gave Welborn an ultimatum. In a text message, she wrote, “You are not going to get rid of her,” followed by a threat that she would leave in a month, “[if] it’s not done by September 18, I’m gone.”

According to Underwood’s daughter, Kayden Graham, her mother had resigned herself to breaking up with Welborn, but Robinson was still not satisfied, and on one occasion, the pair got into a shouting match.

Ronnie Welborn paid Robert Veal and Delvin Powell to kill Kelli Underwood

Welborn enlisted the help of Veal, who then brought Powell in on the murder conspiracy. They initially planned to plant methamphetamine in Underwood’s truck, but that failed to work out.

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Veal and Powell were ostensibly hired to put a pool into Underwood’s backyard so they could kill their victim while pretending to work on her home.

Mugshots of Robert Veal and Delvin Powell
Robert Veal and Delvin Powell are both serving life sentences for capital murder. Pic credit: Collin County Sheriff’s Office

The cops knew Veal and Powell were present at Underwood’s home on the day she died, but ultimately, the killers were caught out because the investigators managed to access their text messages, where they detailed their various plans to kill their victim.

Ronnie Welborn, Kadie Robinson, Robert Veal, and Delvin Powell all jailed for Kelli Underwood murder

Veal and Powell were both convicted by juries of capital murder and were sentenced to life in prison.

Welborn pleaded guilty to murder and was given a life sentence. Robinson also pleaded guilty to murder, but she received a 30-year sentence and is eligible for parole from 2032.

After Welborn’s sentencing, Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis told the press, “We’re grateful for Texas Ranger Bruce Sherman’s outstanding investigative work. It was indispensable in securing justice for Ms. Underwood and her family.”

This episode of Mean Girl Murders re-airs Friday at 8/7c on Investigation Discovery.

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