Murder of Kay Parsons by Rebecca Sears and Christopher Bowers investigated on Mother, May I Murder? on ID

Mugshots of Rebecca Sears and Christopher Bowers
These smiling killers brutally murdered Laverne “Kay” Parsons. Pic credit: Georgia Dept. of Corrections

Mother, May I Murder? on ID is looking into the murder of Laverne “Kay” Parsons, who was beaten to death in her Grovetown, Georgia, home by Christopher Bowers at the behest of his mother, Rebecca Sears.

In 2009, Parsons and Sears were next-door neighbors in Grovetown, an Augusta suburb, when Sears decided she wanted Parsons dead so she could be with her neighbor’s husband.

Sears enlisted the help of her 20-year-old son Bowers to kill Parsons. On March 25, 2009, Sears brought Bowers to her home and instructed him to murder her neighbor while she dropped her other kids at school.

When Sears returned home, she was greeted by her son with blood on his face; he told her he “took care of everything.” 

Later that morning, Parsons was found lying on the floor of her garage. She had been badly beaten with a claw hammer and baseball bat. She was taken to a hospital but died the following day.

A couple of days later, Bowers shot his mother in the leg as she left her place of work in Augusta. The cops later concluded this was a staged attack as part of a hair-brained scheme to confuse the investigators. However, the cops believe Bowers was only supposed to threaten Sears in front of witnesses.

Rebecca Sears had wanted Kay Parsons dead so she could be with her husband

Sears’s other son, Michael Sears, became instrumental in helping the cops build a case against his mom. Michael told investigators about Sears having an affair with Parsons’s husband. He also said his mom had told him she “wished she knew someone who would kill someone for her.”

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Sears then came clean to the cops, admitting that Bowers had broken into Parsons’s home to kill her and stage a robbery. She was accused of being the mastermind.

Bowers and Sears were arrested, and initially, they pleaded not guilty. However, after coming face-to-face with a possible death penalty trial, they both agreed to plead guilty.

Christopher Bowers and Rebecca Sears got lengthy sentences for Kay Parsons murder

The murderous duo received life sentences without the possibility of parole.

District Attorney Ashley Wright suggested the death penalty was appropriate for this case but acknowledged that the guilty pleas allowed Parsons’s family to avoid a potentially traumatic trial. Wright added, “It is, quite frankly, one of the grisliest murders I have ever seen.”

This case was previously examined on ID during an episode of Evil Kin.

Mother, May I Murder? airs Monday at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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