Murder of James Sheaffer by Angela Stoldt profiled on Fear Thy Neighbor

Mugshot of Angela Stoldt
Angela Stoldt is serving a life sentence. Pic credit: FL Dept. of Corrections

Fear Thy Neighbor is re-airing an investigation into the brutal murder of James Sheaffer by his so-called friend and neighbor, Angela Stoldt, who stabbed him before butchering his remains and attempting to dispose of the body by cooking it at her home in Deltona, Florida.

Sheaffer and Stoldt lived across from each other on the same street and seemingly shared a close relationship that included sharing a bank account. It is believed their relationship was platonic. However, the pair constantly argued over money, and it appears to have led Stoldt to murder.

On April 3, 2013, Stoldt stabbed 36-year-old Sheaffer in the eye with an ice pick and then strangled him. The killer wrapped Sheaffer’s head in plastic so the blood wouldn’t get on her car as she transported the corpse to her house.

Stoldt hacked up her victim with a hacksaw in two kiddie pools. She threw a leg into the oven and put other body parts into pots on the stove. She later told the cops about having to pull the icepick out of Sheaffer’s head so she could fit it in a pot.

The killer had hoped this would be an effective way of disposing of the remains, but when that failed, she decided to put the body parts into trash bags. Stoldt told her two teenage children that she was disposing of a deer, and she even enlisted the help of her son to help disperse the remains throughout Deltona.

The police were able to recover some of Shaeffer’s body parts, but the head and torso were never found.

Angela Stoldt admitted to killing and ‘cooking’ James Sheaffer

Three weeks after the murder, Stoldt confessed to family members. Her sister, concerned that Stoldt was about to commit suicide, informed the police.

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Volusia Sheriff's Office social media post
Pic credit: Volusia Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Stoldt was given a mental evaluation before she finally confessed to the cops. The detectives were struck by how she calmly and coldly described in detail what she had done to Shaeffer.

Angela Stoldt sentenced to life for James Sheaffer murder

The killer was put on trial, but the jury only had to decide if the killing was premeditated or not. They decided Stoldt had planned it.

In December 2014, Stoldt was found guilty of first-degree murder, abuse of a dead human body, and tampering with physical evidence. She was sentenced to life in prison plus 15 years for abusing the body and another five years for the tampering charge.

Circuit Judge Randell Rowe told the jury, “You’ve performed above and beyond your civic duty. I suspect that most of you have never heard anything like what you’ve heard this week and probably hope that you never have to hear it again.”

This episode of Fear Thy Neighbor re-airs Thursday at 8/7c on Investigation Discovery.

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