Murder of Irene Silverman and David Kazdin by Sante and Kenny Kimes examined on Mother, May I Murder? on ID

Mugshot of Sante Kimes
Sante Kimes never confessed to her horrific crimes and died in prison. Pic credit: NY Dept. of Corrections

Mother, May I Murder? on ID is investigating the crimes of Sante and Kenneth “Kenny” Kimes Jr., a mother and son crime duo who engaged in fraud, deception, enslavement, and murder.

Sante was a career criminal who specialized in insurance fraud by committing arson and claiming money on property damage. However, she was involved in other crimes and served time in the 1980s for enslaving her maids.

The twisted Sante offered employment to illegal migrants and then locked them up in her home, regularly abusing them and forcing them to work for free,

However, on her release from prison, Sante continued committing fraud and enlisted the help of her son, Kenny, to kill anyone who began to suspect her crimes.

The couple’s first known murder victim was Sayed Bilal Ahmed, a banker from the Bahamas, who is thought to have become suspicious over the Kimes’s accounts. Kenny later admitted they poisoned Bilal Ahmed and drowned him in a bathtub before dumping his remains into the Caribbean Sea.

The second victim was Dave Kazdin in the spring of 1998. Kazdin discovered that Sante had forged his signature to apply for a bank loan worth $280,000, and when he threatened to expose her, she ordered her son to kill him. Kenny shot him in the back of the head and left his remains in a dumpster in Los Angeles.

Sante and Kenny Kimes were finally stopped after killing Irene Silverman

The third victim was their landlord, wealthy Manhattan socialite 82-year-old Irene Silverman. The pair killed Silverman in the hope of stealing her money and her posh Upper East Side townhouse.

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Sante shot Silverman with a taser before Kenny strangled her. Kenny later said he put her body in a dumpster in Hoboken, New Jersey, but her remains were never found.

The killer duo were finally arrested after they tried to write a bad $14,900 check for a car. The cops found in their possession documents belonging to the missing Silverman, including a forged deed that transferred the townhouse to them.

Also in the Kimes’s car, the police discovered loaded pistols, a red wig and two fright masks, plastic handcuffs, $30,000 in cash, a stun gun box, syringes, and a substance known as the “date rape” drug.

Mugshot of Kenny Kimes
Kenny Kimes admitted to all the murders. Pic credit: NY Dept. of Corrections

In May 2000, Sante and Kenny were convicted of murdering Irene Silverman and were sentenced to over 100 years each.

Kenny Kimes pleaded guilty, sparing them the death penalty

In 2004, the pair were all set to be extradited to California, where they would likely face the death penalty for killing David Kazdin when Kenny made a full confession. This probably saved his mom’s life.

Sante continued to deny she had done anything wrong up until her death in prison in 2014. Kenny is serving his sentence in RJ Donovan Correctional Facility in southern California.

Mother, May I Murder? airs Mondays at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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