Murder of Deanna Cook by Delvecchio Patrick investigated on Crime Junkie

Mugshot of Delvecchio Patrick
Delvecchio Patrick was sentenced to 85 years for killing ex-wife, Deanna Cook. Pic credit: Dallas PD

Crime Junkie is examining the disturbing murder of Deanna Cook, who was strangled and drowned to death by her ex-husband Delvecchio Patrick at her home in South Dallas, Texas.

This case became controversial following accusations the Dallas police and city services had failed to protect Cook, who was in a vulnerable position and had repeatedly warned the authorities that Patrick was a danger to her.

On August 17, 2012, Cook dialed 911 and told the dispatcher Patrick was attacking her. The dispatcher could hear Cook begging her ex-husband to stop, and Patrick was actually overheard saying, “I’m gonna kill you.”

However, it took the cops nearly an hour to turn up at the residence. The officers knocked on the door and received no answer. They saw no signs of disturbance, so they left the scene.

Two days later, Cook’s family became concerned when they failed to hear from her. Relatives found Cook’s remains lying in a bathtub; she had been strangled and drowned.

The 32-year-old victim was dressed in only underwear, and her face was bloated and bruised.

Delvecchio Patrick had threatened Deanna Cook

The detectives were quick to zero in on Patrick, who had regularly exhibited threatening behavior toward his ex-wife. Cook had previously claimed he had tried to kill her three times, and she had called 911 because of him on several occasions.

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The cops also learned Patrick had bombarded Cook with cellphone calls in the hours leading up to her death.

It was the 911 call that proved to be the critical piece of evidence against Patrick. Cook identified her killer in the recording, and friends and relatives recognized Patrick’s voice on the call.

Delvecchio Patrick found guilty of killing Deanna Cook

In May 2015, Patrick was found guilty of murder and was sentenced to 85 years behind bars. The prosecution had asked for a life sentence, and the defense had argued for just five years.

Cook’s murder case led to an investigation and a top-to-bottom overhaul of the Dallas PD 911 call center. Mayor Mike Rawlings also spearheaded an initiative to better combat domestic violence in the city.

At the time, Rawlings said, “We all failed her [Cook]. The system failed her, the neighbors next door failed her, the media failed her, the mayor failed her.

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