Murder of Dawn Meade by boyfriend Gregory Veres examined on See No Evil

Mugshot of Gregory Veres
Gregory Veres was found guilty of killing Dawn Meade by hit-and-run. Pic credit: Louisa County Sheriff’s Office

See No Evil is investigating the murder of Dawn Meade, who was callously murdered by her boyfriend, Gregory Veres, following an argument in Louisa County, Virginia.

On September 22, 2017, Meade and Veres began arguing over a restraining order submitted by the 40-year-old woman. The pair went their separate ways and Veres started walking home. But unfortunately, Veres wasn’t prepared to let it go.

Veres took his grandmother’s car and hunted down Meade. When he located his girlfriend, he drove the car off the road and struck her while traveling at 60 mph. Meade’s remains were found the following morning by a neighbor. An imprint of the car’s grill had been left on her leg.

Gregory Veres told cops he was drunk when he killed Dawn Meade

The killer claimed he was drunk and didn’t know what he was doing. But the prosecutors argued that the killing was a premeditated act; they claimed Veres had changed his clothing from a bright fluorescent top to a dark top and that this, coupled with his aggressive driving, showed he had intended to kill.

Attorney Rusty McGuire told the court: “This is a tragic case where the Defendant killed his girlfriend and treated her worse than a dog. He killed her in the middle of the night and left her alone, cold, and in the dark, on the side of the road.”

Veres was ultimately found guilty by a jury of first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison. The judge added another 11 years for two other offenses.

Veres had been in trouble with the law on multiple occasions before; in his native Connecticut, he had charges for dangerous driving, interfering with an officer, possession of narcotics, and larceny.

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2 years ago

lock them up throw away the keys.My condolences to the famiies and friends

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