Murder of Carol Sharp by husband James Sharp investigated on American Monster

Mugshot of James Sharp
James Sharp eventually pleaded guilty to murdering his wife of two years, Carol-Ann Sharp, following a domestic dispute. Pic credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office

American Monster is in the northeastern Mississippi town of Tupelo to investigate a case of matrimonial murder with the 2017 shooting of Carol-Ann Sharp.

Carol was shot dead by her husband of two years, James Sharp, who then tried to blame her death on suicide.

On August 5, 2017, James shot his 23-year-old wife, Carol-Ann, with a single bullet her head in their apartment in Tupelo.

James telephoned the police to say his wife was suffering from a self-inflicted wound. When the detectives arrived, they were instantly suspicious of Carol’s husband because they could tell that the gunshot wound was clearly not caused by suicide.

James was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault while his wife was transported to the North Mississippi Medical Center. Tragically, Carol passed away approximately nine hours after the shooting. The charges against James were then upgraded to first-degree murder.

James and Carol Sharp appeared to be a perfect couple

James and Carol had been married for two years, and to many of their friends and family, they had seemed like a happy couple who were deeply in love. However, the police determined that an argument had led to James pulling a gun on his wife.

In February 2019, James made a deal with the prosecution, which led to him pleading guilty to second-degree murder in exchange for a 25-year prison sentence. The state agreed to push for a 40-year sentence but with 15 years suspended. He will also have 5 years probation added on at the end of his sentence.

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And the Circuit Court Judge Kelly Mims had more punishment for him; he was also ordered to pay $3,556.50 in court costs and fines, plus $500 in restitution.

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9 months ago

if it was a woman who shot her husband it would have been life w/o parole.

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