Murder of Bob McClancy by Martha Ann McClancy and Charles Kaczmarczyk examined on Snapped

Mugshot of Martha Ann McClancy
Martha Ann McClancy was sentenced to 50 years for killing her husband. Pic credit: TN Dept. of Corrections

Oxygen is re-airing a Snapped investigation into the murder of Robert “Bob” McClancy at the hands of his wife, Martha Ann McClancy, and her lover, Charles Kaczmarczyk.

In 2006, Martha Ann and Kaczmarczyk decided to kill Bob and make it look like a suicide so they could be together and claim his veteran’s benefits.

Bob and Kaczmarczyk had previously met at a medical facility helping them with their post-traumatic syndrome. The pair stayed friendly, but unknown to Bob, his so-called friend began an affair with Martha Ann.

Martha Ann and Kaczmarczyk crushed prescription medicine into Bob’s food. On one occasion, Bob was hospitalized after an overdose.

Kaczmarczyk had a prescription for the same medicine, and he brought his own supply to Bob’s house and hid it in various places so the police would later assume that Bob was hoarding it.

In May 2006, Bob passed away. Kaczmarczyk pretended to find the body and dialed 911.

Martha Ann McClancy and Charles Kaczmarczyk made Bob McClancy murder look like suicide

When the cops arrived, they found Bob sitting in a recliner with a bottle of pills in one hand and a revolver in the other. However, they became suspicious when they found Kaczmarczyk’s digital camera contained pics of Bob’s dead body in various poses and charged him with evidence tampering. Unfortunately, the charges were later dismissed.

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Kaczmarczyk and Martha Ann started living together very soon after the murder and eventually got married.

A few years later, the murderous couple got into trouble with the law when they were caught trying to defraud millions from the government in social security and veterans benefits. They were both jailed and eventually divorced.

Mugshot of Charles Kaczmarczyk
Charles Kaczmarczyk testified against his former wife in the killing of Bob McClancy. Pic credit: TN Dept. of Corrections

In 2012, Kaczmarczyk told detectives that he and Martha Ann had killed Bob McClancy.

Martha Ann McClancy found guilty of killing Bob McClancy

In 2013, Martha Ann was found guilty of attempted first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Judge Andrew Freiburg sentenced her to 50 years in prison. She must serve at least 30 percent of the sentence before she is eligible for parole.

Judge Freiburg said he was convinced Martha Ann was the “leader” in the murder conspiracy, and he would have given her a harsher sentence if he could.

Freibury also told the court, “The slow poisoning and slipping of life from an individual is exceptionally heinous… A knife or a gun would have been more merciful, but of course, that couldn’t have been accomplished by Ms. McClancy because if it would have, she wouldn’t have gained her money.”

Kaczmarczyk pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and was sentenced to 25 years. He has since been paroled but remains under active supervision.

This episode of Snapped re-airs Friday at 10/9c on Oxygen.

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