Murder of Bich Pan by daughter Jennifer Pan examined on Signs of a Psychopath

Mugshot of Jennifer Pan
Jennifer Pan was convicted for organizing a murder-for-hire plot against her parents, Bich and Hann Pan. Pic credit: York Regional Police

Signs of a Psychopath is investigating the murder of Bich Pan, who was killed in her home by gunmen hired by her own daughter, Jennifer Pan. Her husband, Jennifer’s father, Hann Pan, was also a target in the attack, but he survived his injuries.

The incident in a well-to-do area of Markham, Ontario, shocked and fascinated Canadian media as the details emerged. Pan had planned with the help of her on-again-off-again marijuana dealing boyfriend, Daniel Wong, to kill her own parents.

On November 8, 2010, three gunmen entered the home of Bich and Hann Pan. They demanded money and ransacked the house before shooting dead 53-year-old Bich Pan. They also shot 56-year-old Hann, but he survived the gruesome attack.

When the police arrived, they saw a scene that looked liked a home invasion, and robbery turned homicide. However, they were surprised when Hann told them he’d seen his daughter, Jennifer, cooperating with the intruders.

The cops later concluded that Pan had become besotted with Wong and that she had killed her parents after they’d given her an ultimatum. She had to choose between him or them.

Jennifer planned to have her parents killed so she would inherit their life savings, and in her mind, live happily ever after with Wong.

Jennifer Pan’s upbringing was seen as ‘oppressive’

Jennifer’s upbringing was described as so strict that it was oppressive. Her parents had barred her from attending parties, dances, or dating, believing that these activities would be a distraction for her academic studies.

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Unfortunately, Jennifer wasn’t a very good student, and her grades didn’t match her parent’s expectations. But rather than admit to her failures, she spent the best part of a decade lying to Bich and Hann. She forged report cards and lied about being accepted into university and about working at a hospital.

When her parents discovered the deception, they demanded that she finish high school, apply to university, and stop seeing Wong.

The investigators concluded that Pan hired David Mylvaganam, Lenford Crawford and, Eric Carty to shoot Bich and Hann Pan. Their price was $10,000.

The police were able to put together the details of the conspiracy mostly through the plethora of texts sent between the conspirators. However, the individual who fired the shots that killed Bich Hann has not been identified.

The police charged everybody with murder and conspiracy to murder. Jennifer Pan, Daniel Wong, David Mylvaganam, and Lenford Crawford all pleaded not guilty but were still convicted and sentenced to automatic life sentences with no chance of parole for 25 years.

There was a delay to Eric Carty’s trial after his lawyer fell ill, which actually led to him pleading guilty to conspiracy to murder. He was sentenced to 18 years with the possibility of parole after nine.

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