Murder of Barbara Iske by Joseph Marasco examined on A Time To Kill

Mugshots of Andre Williams and Derrick Thompson
Joseph Marasco hired Andre Williams(L) and Derrick Thompson(R) to kill Barbara Iske. Pic credit: Michigan Dept. of Corrections

A Time To Kill is examining the murder of Barbara Iske, who was gunned down in a driveway in Grosse Point, Michigan, by Andre Williams and Derrick Thompson on the orders of Joseph Marasco.

Joseph Marasco had been in a battle with his sister Madelynne Smith (some documents refer to her as Madelynne Sorge) over the estate of their mother, Ann Marasco.

Barbara was working as Ann’s bookkeeper, which dragged her into this family feud and ultimately led to her murder.

Sometime before Barbara’s murder, Madelynne learned that Joseph was set to inherit the majority of their mother’s estate. However, after discussing the issue with Ann, she agreed to split her will 50/50.

This worsened the already strained relationship between Joseph and Madelynne. However, Joseph seemed to reserve much of his ire for Barbara, whom he wrongly blamed for persuading his mother to change the will.

The cops would later learn that he was regularly abusive toward Barbara.

Joseph hired Andre Williams and Derrick Thompson to kill Barbara and steal her laptop, which contained all his mother’s financial records.

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Barbara Iske was shot dead in Ann and Joseph Marasco’s drive

On June 14, 2005, Williams and Thompson waited for Barbara to arrive at the Grosse Point home Ann shared with Joseph. Williams demanded the laptop and then shot Barbara in the head. He shot her a second time in the back to make sure she was dead.

Thompson had been the one who brought Williams onto the job and had identified Barbara to him. He also acted as the getaway driver.

When the police arrived, they found Barbara lying face down in the driveway. Initially, the cops struggled with the investigation, and the local community could not understand why such a beloved person with no enemies could be murdered in such a manner.

Andre Williams testified against Joseph Marasco and Derrick Thompson

It was Madelynne who first suggested to investigators that Joseph may have had reason to kill her. And the cops got a break when Williams agreed to a plea deal and testified against Joseph and Thompson.

Andre Williams received a sentence of between 20 and 30 years, whereas Derrick Thompson and Joesph Marasco were given life sentences.

Joseph’s lawyers had argued that he was framed by Madelynne, who hoped to get all of her mother’s inheritance; however, a jury strongly disagreed with that version of events.

A Time To Kill airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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