Murder of Angela Parks by Darlene Endsley examined on Fear Thy Roommate

Mugshot of Darlene Endsley
Darlene Endsley endured horrific abuse at the hands of Angela Parks before, one day, she snapped and stabbed her to death. Pic credit: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Fear Thy Roommate is in Omaha, Nebraska, to investigate the murder of Angela Parks, who was stabbed to death by her roommate, Darlene Endsley.

On the evening of May 30, 2016, the police were called to a boarding house in Omaha. They found 60-year-old Angela Parks fatally wounded from three stab wounds.

Her roommate, Endsley, emerged grasping a knife and immediately admitted that she had stabbed Parks.

The cops had already been at the property less than an hour before after Endsley had telephoned them to say that Parks had hit her with a frying pan. But the cops had left without removing either woman.

Other residents and witnesses at the boarding house told the police that Endsley was actually a victim of Parks.

The list of complaints by other residents against Parks was a lengthy one. In just two years, she was accused of throwing punches, hitting Endsley and others with cans of food, frying pans, and hammers.

She was also accused of whipping a man with some electrical cord and hitting another woman with a stick.

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The police were regular visitors to the “flophouse,” which had dire living conditions and was often the scene of violence as the residents struggled with alcohol and drug abuse.

Endsley had taken a protection order out on Parks

The cops also learned that Endsley had taken a protection order out against her roommate a month before the murder. At the time, Endsley had said: “she wouldn’t let me leave her room [and] hit me with a frying pan.”

Endsley was initially charged with second-degree murder, but this was changed when she agreed to plead guilty to manslaughter.

Members of Parks’s family expressed dissatisfaction with the verdict, at the sentencing, one told the court, “I guess you just claim self-defense… and everything’s good.”

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