Maribel Ramos was murdered by roommate K.C. Joy – Web of Lies

Maribel Ramos was murdered by her own roommate in apparent argument over rent and maybe even love, Web of Lies investigates the case.

Maribel Ramos, 36, was a U.S. Army veteran and a student at university when she was reported missing by friends.

Ramos failed to turn up for some events, leading friends to think something was amiss. Police questioned her roommate, 55 -year-old Kwang Chol Joy, who denied any involvement in her disappearance and seemed to be cooperating with the investigation.

However, police knew the pair had argued over rent, with Ramos’s boyfriend having heard them talking over speakerphone. She’d threatened to throw Joy out of the apartment if he did not pay his share of the rent. The last images of Ramos were caught on CCTV as she dropped off a rent check at the manager’s office of the apartment block.

During the interviews with Joy detectives began to become more suspicious and they began monitoring his phone and computer use. The breakthrough came when he used a public library computer to search for information about the rate human bodies decompose at. He also looked up a local area on a map, zooming in a particular part of Peters Canyon.

Detectives decided to search the area and after less than an hour they found Ramos’s body in a shallow grave. The body was so badly decomposed that dental records were used to identify her and the cause of death was undetermined.

Joy was arrested and July 2014 he convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.

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He maintains his innocence and said at the sentencing hearing: “Family wants me to apologize, which I cannot apologize for something I haven’t done,” said Joy. “Maybe someday truth will come out, maybe I’ll just die inside prison.”

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