Lynn Boyd persuaded her teen son Kevin Boyd Jr. to help murder his father – Diabolical investigates

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In 1994, at Lake Orion in Michigan, Kevin Boyd Sr. was savagely murdered in his home. The culprits were his ex-wife Lynn Boyd and his sixteen-year-old son Kevin Boyd Jr.

Kevin Boyd Sr. was stabbed over 20 times and beaten to death with a baseball bat. His killers had hoped to collect on a $500,000 life insurance policy.

Kevin Jr. had suffered a difficult upbringing, dealing with alcoholic parents and physical abuse. He had even attempted suicide after his parents divorced.

Lynn Boyd recruited her 16-year-old son to take part in the murder

When his mother, Lynn, told him that his life would improve after his father’s death, he later said, “I have to say that I think that was appealing to me.”

While Boyd Jr. was not at the murder scene, the 16-year-old knew of his mother’s plan. He told her when his father would be sleeping in a chair and gave her the keys to the apartment.

He had the opportunity to warn his father and later tried to cover up his involvement in the crime. Under Michigan law, aiding and abetting a killing, such as providing keys, can result in a murder conviction.

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“It was premeditated, calculated, and cold. It weighs in favor of irreparable corruption,” said Paul Walton, an assistant Oakland County prosecutor.

Mother and son were tried separately, but both were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Kevin Boyd was resentenced in 2019 under new laws that require life without parole punishment to be used in only extreme circumstances. He was sentenced to 25 – 60 years, and he has a parole hearing this year.

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Jodie Laidlaw
Jodie Laidlaw
3 years ago

Any son that would be willing to help his Mother murder his own father so savagely for a $500 insurance policy sounds like their both twisted F***s you can’t cure what they are! He’s still lying too right? Bet he’s just a punk!’

1 month ago
Reply to  Jodie Laidlaw

Jodie Laidlaw, I agree with you 100 đź’Ż! Kevin helped his mother Lynn murder his Father! He’s also a convicted rapist! That came out by the prosecutor at his hearing that basically let all the murderers that were under 18. Just not right! If the dead can rise up and walk out than I can okay, but keven Boyd bluddend his Dad with a bat and a knife that we know of! Cop’s never tell you everything! He must have some really sick thoughts and dreams! Poor woman that trusts this deviant.

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