Jessica Cavallaro charged with shooting parents, Thelma Tatten and Mark Cavallaro, in Bedford, MA

Thelma Tatten and Mark Cavallaro pose for a selfie
Mark Cavallaro and Thelma Tatten were allegedly shot dead by their daughter in Bedford, MA. Pic credit: Family pic

The police in Bedford, Massachusetts, have arrested Jessica Cavallaro on an alleged charge of killing her parents, Thelma Tatten and Mark Cavallaro, following a shocking incident in the Boston suburb on Thursday morning.

The 24-year-old Cavallaro is accused of two counts of murder, two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury, and illegal possession of a firearm. She was arraigned yesterday afternoon.

The incident reportedly occurred yesterday morning on Washington Street, where Cavallaro lives with her boyfriend and his parents.

Cavallaro allegedly suffered a panic attack at work and was picked up by Tatten and Mark Cavallaro, who took her home to her boyfriend’s house. Cavallaro’s parents waited in the car while she went inside for about 30 minutes before returning to the vehicle so the trio could go to breakfast.

However, the police believe Cavallaro had taken a firearm from her boyfriend’s gun safe and shot both her parents in the back of the head. She then went back inside and informed her boyfriend’s parents of her actions.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found the car had rolled across the street into a neighboring yard. Thelma Tatten was pronounced dead at the scene; Mark Cavallaro was taken to a hospital but declared dead a short time later. They were both 56.

The cops have not yet established a motive for the murders.

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She is expected to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and will remain in custody without bail. Her next court date is scheduled for August 20, 2024. Cavallaro did not have a license to carry firearms.

Former friends and neighbors shocked over Jessica Cavallaro murder charge

People claiming to have known Cavallaro have described her as a sweet and quiet girl and say they were shocked and devastated to hear about the allegations.

One individual commented on a Bedford Police Dept. social media post: “This is just so tragic. It’s been years since I knew her, but she was such a sweet girl.”

Social media post about Cavallaro
Pic credit: Bedford Police Department/Facebook

Bedford is a quiet, well-to-do neighborhood that hasn’t seen a recorded murder since October 1982.

Bedford neighbors express horror over Jessica Cavallaro shooting

One neighbor explained to reporters, “This is startling. It’s not what happens here. It’s shocking. It’s horrible. It’s just scary.”

Another neighbor, Peter Burke, told NBC News, “Once I found out the person was in custody, I felt much better. I mean, it’s not a good thing, but knowing they’re not running around our neighborhood loose is good.”

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