Jennifer and Paul Budrawich were murdered by Jessie Kilgore

Mugshots of Jessie Kilgore and Benjamin Mullinax
Jessie Kilgore (left) and Benjamin Mullinax both received life sentences for murder. Pic credit: Dawson County Sheriff’s Office

This week, Investigation Discovery investigates the murders of Jennifer Budrawich and Paul Budrawich, whose remains were both dragged out of the River Amicalola in Georgia in December 2009.

Jennifer Budrawich, 22, and her husband Paul, 35, had come to town to see their children who were staying with relatives. They were due to visit on Sunday morning, December 20, but they never turned up.

The night before, 911 dispatchers had received a call from a woman who said she on the river bank and was about to be shot.

On the recording, a woman can be heard shouting, “why are you shooting us? Why did you bring me down here to the river?” A man’s voice replied, “I’m going to kill both of you.”

This call triggered a frantic search for the Budrawichs. Their car was discovered a short while later but with no sign of the couple.

Unfortunately, Jennifer’s body was pulled out to the river the following day, with Paul being found the next morning. Investigators determined that they’d both been shot with a low caliber handgun before being dragged into the river.

The police closed in on the Budrawich’s killer

The police were quick to come up with a suspect, several items of evidence from the Budrawich’s car along with surveillance footage from a nearby grocery store alerted detectives to 40-year-old Jesse Kilgore.

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Kilgore is Jennifer Budrawich’s stepfather and the father of one of her three young children. At the time of the murder, he was married to Jennifer’s mother.

After he was arrested, the police also collared Benjamin Kelly Mullinax, who is a nephew of Kilgore. They were both charged with murdering the Budrawichs.

The following spring, Kilgore admitted to being the triggerman in the murders and received two life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Mullinax was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences with the possibility of parole after 30 years for his role in the murders.

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The Body in the River airs Saturday at 8/7c on Investigation Discovery.

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