Gerard Pepin was found guilty of sexual abuse and vehicular homicide: Love, Honor, Betray investigates bizarre case

Mugshot of Gerard Pepin
Gerard Pepin was sentenced to 20 years in jail for sexual assault. Pic credit: FL Dept. of Corrections

Love, Honor, Betray is investigating the crimes of Gerard Pepin, a psychotherapist, and drug and alcohol counselor who was found guilty of sexually abusing female patients. He was also found guilty of vehicular homicide and assisting his wife Gina Pepin in committing suicide.

In October 2014, staff at a hotel in Richmond Hill, Georgia, discovered a suicide note in the former room of Gerard Pepin and his fourth wife, Gina Pepin. Surveillance footage caught the pair leaving the hotel parking lot in a Ford Mustang.

A short time later, in Long County, GA, witnesses saw the Mustang veer off the road into nearby woods before flipping over twice. The Pepin couple was thrown from the vehicle, Gina sadly lost her life, but Gerard Pepin survived.

The investigating cops soon learned that Pepin was facing sexual assault charges in Daytona, Florida, and was also under suspicion of sexual abuse in Bangor, Maine.

Pepin had initially been running an alcohol and drug counseling practice in Bangor; however, this was forced to shut down in 2005 when he was accused of “crossing ethical boundaries with a client.

Pepin and his wife at that time, Deborah Jones, moved to Daytona, Florida, where he began work as a psychotherapist with the Salvation Army. In 2011, the twisted individual blackmailed a vulnerable patient into performing oral on him.

Deborah Jones worked with the cops to convict husband Gerard Pepin

Around the same time, another woman from Maine contacted his wife, Jones, to tell her that she too had been sexually assaulted by Pepin. At this point, Jones contacted the police and told them she wanted to help bring her husband to justice.

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Jones managed to secretly record her husband confessing to the sexual abuse, which finally led to his arrest.

During the lengthy time it took to bring Pepin to court over these charges, he remarried Gina Pepin and attempted suicide in the Ford Mustang in Georgia. In 2017, he was convicted of vehicular homicide and of assisting in Gina’s suicide; he was sentenced to five years for that crime.

In 2019, Pepin was finally taken to court over the sexual abuse charges, and a jury listened to the recording that Jones had obtained. He was subsequently found guilty and sentenced to 20 years behind bars.

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Love, Honor, Betray airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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