Fugitives Mike Bullinger and Tomas Magallon Gonzalez profiled on In Pursuit with John Walsh

Mike Bullinger and Tomas Magallon Gonzalez photo
Mike Bullinger and Tomas Magallon Gonzalez are wanted by their local police. Pic Credit: Canyon County Sheriff’s Office and Los Angeles Police Department

Fugitives Mike Bullinger and Tomas Magallon Gonzalez are profiled in the latest episode of In Pursuit with John Walsh on Investigation Discovery.

When police responded to a welfare check at Bullinger’s home on KCID Road in Caldwell, Idaho, on June 19, 2017, they discovered the decomposing bodies of his wife, Cheryl Baker, his apparent girlfriend, Nadja Medley, and her teenage daughter, Payton, inside a shed.

Police officials said Baker, Medley, and Payton all died from single gunshot wounds.

Bullinger, a pilot with the Classic Aviation Service, was nowhere to be found.

Although the Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue believes Bullinger is responsible for the murders, he is not currently being charged with the crimes.

However, Bullinger does has a warrant for his arrest for failing to report the deaths.

He has been missing since the bodies were found on his property.

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On the morning of July 20, 2017, several people reported seeing a man resembling Bullinger entering the Grand Teton National Park in a Ford Focus. There was no sign of him when police arrived. His vehicle was later found at a campground in Teton County.

Donahue believes Bullinger is dead.

He said Bullinger either took his own life or was attacked and killed by an animal in the wilderness.

However, until there is a body, they will continue searching for him.

Tomas Magallon Gonzalez

Gonzalez is accused of murdering the mother of his two children, 29-year-old Ana Funes, in September 2008.

She was found strangled to death underneath a blanket behind a sofa in the home they shared in Torrance, California.

Gonzalez and Funes’ relationship was anything but ordinary.

He was initially her mother’s boyfriend who began sexually abusing her at the age of 9.

By the time she was 15, her mother, Lidia, found out after catching the pair in the act.

Lidia ended her relationship with Gonzalez and kicked him out of the home.

Funes also left and moved in with Gonzalez.

It was during that time that Gonzalez and Funes had their first child, Moises, but they kept his father’s identity a secret from Lidia.

When Gonzalez and Lidia later made up and got back together, Gonzalez moved in with her, as well as Funes and Moises.

About a year later, Lidia and Gonzalez had their second child named Gabriela.

When Lydia died of lung cancer in 2001, Gonzalez and Funes continued their relationship, but it ended seven years later when he allegedly murdered her after she began dating other men.

Gonzalez apparently confessed to killing Funes to his brother before fleeing the state.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Gonzalez and Bullinger is asked to contact your local police department.

In Pursuit with John Walsh — Deadly Double Life, airs at 10pm on Investigation Discovery.

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