Ed and Minnie Maurin killer took nearly 30 years to bring to justice

Ed and Minnie Maurin
Ed and Minnie Maurin were murdered for the cash in their bank

Murder Under the Mistletoe examines the tragic case of Ed and Minnie Maurin, who were found dead by the side of a remote road just before Christmas.

Christmas Eve, 1985, in Adna, Washington,  and 81-year-old Ed and 83-year-old Minnie were found dead near a logging road, they had shotgun wounds to their backs.

The investigation found that they’d been shot from behind whilst sitting in their car, which had been found a few days earlier in a local parking lot splattered inside with blood. Police also discovered that Ed Maurin had withdrawn over $8000 in $100 bills from the couple savings account on December 19.

Despite suspicions it would not be until 2013 that Ricky A. Riffe was found guilty of their murder, a wait of nearly 30 years for justice.

Murder Under the Mistletoe airs at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery. 

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