Disappearance of Alex Hernandez and unsolved murder of mother Evelyn Hernandez examined on Crime Junkie

Evelyn and Alex Hernandez smiling for a family pic
Evelyn and Alex Hernandez were presumed to have been murdered and dumped in San Francisco Bay. Pic credit: San Francisco Police Dept

Crime Junkie is examining the tragic case of Evelyn Hernandez and her son Alexis “Alex” Hernandez, who disappeared from their home in San Francisco and are presumed to have been murdered. The crime has never been solved.

In May 2002, single mother Evelyn was nine months pregnant and was struggling with stomach pains and trying to get 5-year-old Alex to school. The small but growing family had an apartment in San Francisco’s Crocker-Amazon, and Evelyn’s sister was planning a baby shower in the coming days.

Evelyn spoke on the telephone to both her sisters on April 30 but was never heard from again. Her married boyfriend and father of the unborn baby, Herman Aguilera, reported her missing about a week later.

The single mother’s wallet was found a few days later near a canal in South San Francisco. It contained $40 in cash and a benefits check she received the day before she’d gone missing, which led the cops to rule out robbery as a reason for her disappearance.

The cops speculated that Evelyn may have simply left the area to have her baby in peace. There were rumors that her boyfriend, Aguilera, was unhappy about the pregnancy.

There were also rumors that Aguilera’s wife had found out about the affair and that Evelyn wanted to end the relationship.

Evelyn Hernandez decomposed remains recovered from San Francisco Bay

The investigation changed dramatically on July 24, when Evelyn’s remains were found floating in San Francisco Bay underneath the Bay Bridge. The police recovered a decomposed pair of legs and a torso, which were identified as belonging to Evelyn through DNA.

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The investigators have still not found any sign of Alex or the unborn fetus. They are both presumed to be dead.

Since the discovery of Evelyn’s remains, there has been no further progress in the case. The cops investigated Alex’s biological father, but the Navy sailor had had no contact with the family and had never known his son; he was dismissed as a suspect.

The police also questioned Aguilera, but he was never named as a suspect or even a person of interest.

Evelyn and Alex Hernandez case similar to murder of Laci Peterson

Evelyn and Alex’s case has been noted for its similarity to the murder of Laci Peterson by her husband, Scott Peterson. Laci was also heavily pregnant when she was murdered and thrown into the San Francisco Bay just a few months after Evelyn’s remains were discovered.

Critics of the Hernandez investigation have noted that Laci’s case received far more media attention than Evelyn and Alex’s, and there have been suggestions that Evelyn’s case may have garnered more attention had she been a white woman rather than Hispanic.

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