Deaths of Danniella Vian and Holly Moore featured on Still A Mystery

Danniella Vian and Holly Moore photos
Danniella Vian (L) and Holly Moore (R) died under mysterious circumstances. Pic credit: Mobile Police Department/Family

The deaths of Danniella Vian and Holly Moore are featured in the latest episode of Still A Mystery on Investigation Discovery.

Vian went missing on July 17, 2018. She was last seen at a gas station in the 3500 block of Government Blvd in Mobile, Alabama, driving her 2014 deep blue Chevy Cruze.

On May 2, the Mobile Police Department and the Saraland Police Department dive team were doing training in the Bayou Sara in Saraland when they stumbled upon Vian’s vehicle about 20 to 30 feet below the surface, next to a boat ramp with a body inside.

The human remains were later identified as Vian. Ten days after her vehicle was pulled from the water, the Mobile Police Department stated that her cause of death is undetermined and how her vehicle ended up in the Bayou Sara is unknown.

On March 6, 2015, Holly Moore was found dead by her roommate in her apartment in Castle Rock, Colorado, hanging in the bathroom closet. The 19-year-old’s death was ruled a suicide, but relatives found it difficult to believe that she would take her own life.

Some family members believe that Moore was murdered and her killer is her abusive ex-boyfriend.

According to Douglas County police, moments before her death Holly was arguing with her ex-boyfriend, who was accusing her of being romantically involved with her roommate. He also left threatening messages on her voicemail, but detectives still concluded that the evidence pointed towards suicide.

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The family hired independent forensic services and forensic medical examiner Dr. Selma Eikelenboom to help them find out what happened to Moore.

After Eikelenboom took X-rays and examined Moore’s body, he concluded that she had injuries to her lip, chin, and collarbone. He also found that she had horizontal marks on her neck, which is consistent with strangulation.

When independent forensic services examined Moore’s apartment, they discovered that there was bodily fluid on the floor, a handprint on the wall, and the doorknob leading to the bathroom where Moore was found had been wiped clean.

Eikelenboom said, “The more we investigate, the more indications we get that this is indeed a homicide and not a suicide.”

Still A Mystery — The Gone Girls, airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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