Dead Silent spotlights the murder of Marie Odette Huckins

This week Dead Silent examines the brutal stabbing to death of Marie Odette Huckins in St. Regis Falls, Nicholville.

December 1, 1979, and single mom Marie Odette Huckins was out for a drink at the Riverside Tavern in St. Regis Falls, Nicholville. It was there that she met Dennis J. Mitchell Sr. and the pair went to Massena before coming back to Nicholville and going for a walk in some woods.

Mitchell then returned to the bar and was covered with blood and screamed that he’d killed a woman. Patrons and bar staff helped clean him up and called the police, when they arrived Mitchell said that Huckins had tried to roll him and that he had started to stab her. The next morning Huckins was found dead in the woods, she’d been stabbed 15 times.

In May 1980 Mitchell was convicted of second-degree murder and given a 20-years to life sentence. He was paroled in October 2007 and although he was later accused of violating his parole over an assault on someone attacking his son, the charges in that case were dropped.

Dead Silent airs on Tuesday at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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1 year ago

After confirm Dennis J. Mitchell Sr. was guilty of Marie’s stabbing, he should’ve been publicly hung. Then maybe her daughter wouldn’t have been killed in the same way.

Btw, he shouldn’t have been released only 27 years after her murder.
I’m surprised her family wasn’t outraged when he was released.

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