Chuck Rock was burned to death in a plot devised by his murderous ex-girlfriend – Primal Instinct

Chuck Rock was murdered in a plot devised by his obsessed ex-girlfriend, Primal Instinct investigates this disturbing case.

Tampa, Florida, residents Charles ‘Chuck’ Rock and Elizabeth Jewell Williams met in February 2000 and their relationship soon became intense.

On the day after they met, Williams sent single dad Rock 12 red roses and left beer outside his parent’s home. A note left with them was signed off, “Your Fatal Attraction.”

Rock’s mother read the note by accident and was slightly alarmed by its content, with other family members warning him that his new lover could be dangerous. Rock finally got the message and decided that he did not need Williams in his life any longer, but she had other ideas.

On August 10, 2000, Rock was close to the home he shared with his 10-year-old son,when he was attacked. His assailant throwing a burning rag into his truck and then emptying a bucket of gasoline on him. Despite being 6-foot-5 and 240 pounds, Rock evenutally succumbed to his third-degree burns in hospital six days later.

Police arrested 25-year-old Joshua Singletary near the scene, he was badly burned as well and was attempting to escape by swimming across a river.

However, in a bizarre twist a local shock jock was handed a recording of a voicemail accidently left by Williams. In it she and Singletary could be heard discussing killing someone and mentioned Chuck.

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Bubba the DJ played the tape over and over until the police eventually acted on it and arrested Williams.

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