Christina Morris was murdered and Enrique Arochi convicted of kidnapping her – Missing in Texas

Christina Morris went missing after a night out with friendsand CCTV helped identify the chief suspect in her disappearance – Missing in Texas examines the case.

August 30, 2014, in Plano, Texas, and Christina, 23, was spotted on some video footage taken from CCTV cameras at a mall in Plano, Texas. She and a man she knew, Enrique Arochi, were captured walking into the parking area and Christina was never seen alive again.

Arochi told police that the pair separated and that he never saw her again after they parted. However, he was their prime suspect and after a search of his car trunk revealed Christina’s DNA, he was arrested.

Arochi was charged with aggravated kidnapping and in September 2016 he was found guilty and given a life sentence, with parole only possible after 2046.

It was not until March 2018 that Christina’s remains were finally found in a wood in Anna, Texas.

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Her mother, Jonni, told the press: “I know our daughter is in a better place. I know she’s in Heaven.”

Sarah Estes, Christina’s stepsister, also spoke to the media saying: “Our hearts are irreversibly broken, “We never wanted closure — even if there was such a thing. We only wanted Christina.”

Missing in Texas airs at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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