Charles Greene murdered Alyce Seff, 81, and stuffed her body in a wishing well: See No Evil investigates

Mugshot of Charles Greene
Charles Greene was found guilty of murdering Alyce Seff nearly ten years after the killing. Pic credit: Ohio Dept of Correction

This week, See No Evil covers the violent murder of elderly landlady, Alyce Seff, who was killed by handyman Charles Greene, in Columbus, Ohio.

Alyce Seff was an 81-year-old landlady, who owned numerous properties throughout the Columbus area. On July 9, 2008, a tenant discovered her remains on one of her properties. She’d been choked to death.

The tenant returned home from vacation and noticed a bad smell coming from the backyard when they investigated they discovered Seff’s remains had been stuffed into a decorative wishing well.

A medical examination concluded that Seff had been bound in duct tape and choked to death with a cloth before she was placed upside down in the well.

Charles Greene, a handyman, who occasionally did work for Seff became suspect number one when he was discovered to be in possession of Seff’s cellphone and a number of her credit cards. The police were able to zero in on Greene because he began using Seff’s cellphone immediately after her death.

Evidence mounted up against Charles Greene

Seff’s car had been stolen along with her phone and cards; however, it was eventually located not far from Greene’s home. And a forensic examination revealed that his DNA was on the steering wheel.

Greene denied that he had anything to do with the murder and claimed that another man had given him the credit cards and cellphone.

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Despite the circumstantial nature of the evidence, cold case investigators decided they had enough for a conviction, so Greene was arrested, charged, and finally put in front of a jury nearly ten years after Seff was killed.

Greene was convicted by a jury in January 2017 of murder, aggravated robbery, and kidnapping. He avoided the more serious charge of aggravated murder, which would have meant he purposefully set out to kill Seff and carries a more severe sentence.

The following month he was sentenced to fifteen years to life. He will be ineligible for parole until he has served a minimum of 15 years, and the judge also added a further ten years each for the aggravated robbery and kidnapping, which will run concurrently with the murder sentence.

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