Aswad Ayinde was an MTV award winning music director and a rapist: New Years Evil on ID investigates

Mugshot of Aswad Ayinde
Aswad Ayinde was sentenced to 90 years in prison for abusing his daughters. Pic credit: NJ Dept. of Corrections

New Years Evil on ID is investigating the sickening crimes of Aswad Ayinde, who raped and abused his daughters with impunity for decades before being brought to justice.

Ayinde, who is also known as Charles McGill, was a successful music video director who actually achieved a level of celebrity when he won an MTV award for directing The Fugees’ Killing Me Softly video. However, this twisted individual was harboring a dark secret and had been putting his children through misery.

Ayinde began sexually abusing his oldest daughter, Aziza Kibibi when she was just 8-years-old. Over the next couple of decades, Kibibi was impregnated five times by her father, and she had given birth four times by her 22nd birthday.

Ayinde initially told his daughter that he was teaching her how to be a woman, but as the years passed, his abuse became more violent as he exercised more and more control over Kibibi and the rest of the family.

Ayinde was also cheating on his wife with a mistress in Manhattan with whom he had another two children. The mistress informed Ayinde’s wife that he was abusing the children, but instead of putting an end to the misery, the abuse worsened.

Aswad Ayinde claimed he was a prophet

Ayinde declared himself a polygamist and a prophet, claiming that his disgusting behavior was the cause of a higher power that was directing him. He also said the world was about to end and that he was creating a pure bloodline by breeding with Kibibi.

Kibibi later said that their father had “told us we couldn’t pray to God. We had to pray to him and he would get the messages to God.”

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Kibibi’s first child was born without defects, which encouraged her father to keep raping her. The following four babies all suffered from genetic defects as a result of inbreeding. Their situation was not helped by Ayinde banning modern medicine from the household.

Later at Ayinde’s trial, Kibibi would testify that between the ages of 13 and 16, her father was raping her at least once a day. And at one stage, he was forcing her to sexually gratify him three times a day under the threat of attacking one of her younger sisters.

In 2002 Kibibi was finally able to escape her father’s clutches. Her son became ill while Ayinde was on a business trip, and she took the child to a hospital where child services became involved. When Ayinde came home from his trip, he attempted to remove the child from a hospital, but the authorities refused.

In 2006, Kibibi and her sisters decided to pursue criminal charges against their father. Ayinde was sentenced to a total of 90 years for raping and sexually abusing his daughter.

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