Larry Taylor abducted, raped, tortured Carrie Caudill before trying to murder her: Your Worst Nightmare

Mugshot of Larry Taylor
Larry Taylor raped and tortured Carrie Caudill in his home for several hours before trying to strangle her to death. Pic credit: Ohio Dept. of Corrections

This week on Your Worst Nightmare, the team examines a shocking case of abduction, rape, torture, and murder from Sandusky, Ohio, in 1995.

Carrie Caudill was subjected to horrendous abuse at the hands of Larry Taylor, but she fought hard to stay alive and eventually got her revenge.

On April 2, 1995, Carrie Caudill was on a girl’s night out in Sandusky, when her acquaintances started arguing among themselves. Caudill was in no mood for an aggressive confrontation, so she decided to leave the bar.

Unfortunately, Larry Taylor was working as a barman on the door that night, and instead of remaining at his post, he decided to follow Caudill. He eventually dragged her into an alley where he tied her up and put her in his car.

Taylor then drove her to his home in the Groton township, where he proceeded to beat, rape, and torture Caudill for several hours. He tortured her with a variety of implements and even raped her with a soldering gun.

Larry Taylor tried to murder Carrie Caudill

He eventually strangled her and thinking she was dead, he loaded her back into his car and dumped her at the side of the road. Caudill later said: “He thought he had killed me. He cut off the ropes, threw me like a rag doll in his car, and then threw me out on the side of the road.”

Caudill later told of how she fell in and out of consciousness but was determined to stay alive for the sake of her children. At one point, Taylor checked her pulse, so she held her breath in the hope that it would fool the attempted murderer.

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When she was flung out of the car, she managed to summon up some strength and run for help. She phoned the police from a nearby house. Taylor was arrested a short time later and was sentenced to 180 years.

Taylor was up for parole in 2005, but Caudill successfully argued to keep him locked up. He once again came up for parole in 2015, and Caudilla once again argued against his release. “I will continue my fight to keep him behind bars until he dies, or I die,” Caudill said.

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2 years ago

It is unfathomable that the inept jury found him not guilty for attempted murder, WHEN HE TOOK PICTURES OF WHAT HE THOUGHT WAS HER DEAD BODY! THIS IS WHY JURY SYSTEM DOESN’T WORK, GETS IT WRONG MORE THAN THEY GET IT RIGHT! There is no such thing as a jury of our “peers” Voie Dire doesn’t work.

27 days ago

I saw in one article that Taylor claimed that burning her with the soldering gun was “accidental.” WTF. I hope that depraved jerk rots in prison!

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