Arrest warrant issued for Aaron Aung as toddler daughter and student fiance, Nadia Cole go missing

Police photo of Aaron Aung
The police are on the hunt for Aaron Aung and his daughter and fiance. Pic credit: Pullman Police Department

The authorities in Washington and Idaho are trying to track down three people who have mysteriously vanished in the last week. An arrest warrant has been issued for Aaron Aung, who is suspected of kidnapping his two-year-old daughter, Seraya Aung Harmon.

The cops are also looking into the strange disappearance of 21-year-old student Nadia Cole, who vanished while waiting with her family to board a flight to Italy at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on May 29.

Cole is Aung’s girlfriend. All three individuals went missing on the same day, and the cops believe they may be traveling together.

Aung, who is from Moscow, Idaho, was last seen when he picked up Seraya from his ex in Pullman, WA, and supposedly went on a fishing trip to Montana.

Aung was expected to return to Seraya on June 3 and is now in violation of a court-ordered custody plan; he has been charged with first-degree custodial interference.

Cole had recently graduated with honors from Washington State University and her parents decided to treat her to a family vacation in Italy. However, before boarding their flight, Cole asked her mother to watch her phone and luggage while she went to the restroom; she never returned.

Disappearances of Nadia Cole and Seraya Aung Harmon were unexpected

Surveillance footage at the airport spotted Cole leaving the terminal and heading for the light rail station. The police stated they believe she went willingly, but her parents have stressed that her behavior is out of character.

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The Moscow and Pullman police departments are investigating the case with assistance from the FBI. The police say the trio is likely to be found in Washington, Idaho, or Montana.

Cole is described as five foot 9, weighing 130 lbs, with green eyes and blonde hair. Aung is five foot 9 and approximately 135 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes.

Seraya’s mother, Samara Harmon, told the press, “This is completely out of the blue, like this is not something I would have expected or had been preparing for or anything like that.”

A statement released by Cole’s family expressed similar surprise, reading in part, “… the circumstances surrounding [Cole’s] disappearance are entirely out of character for her. We are utterly devastated by her disappearance and are fervently praying for her safe return.”

Pullman police hope to find Aaron Aung, Nadia Cole, and Seraya Aung Harmon as soon as possible

Pullman Police Commander Aaron Breshears told reporters that they don’t think either Cole or Seraya are in specific danger from Aung, but that could change if things were perceived to be going badly for him.

Breshears stressed that a speedy resolution to the situation is preferable for everyone’s safety.

Anyone with any information about the whereabouts of the three individuals should contact the authorities at 877-220-8129. There is a reward of $1,000 for information that leads to the arrest of Aung or the safe return of Seraya and Cole.

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