Angela Green has been missing for nearly five years: Crime Junkie investigates

Angela Green profile pic from missing poster
Angela Green vanished from her home in Prairie Village, Kansas. Pic credit: Prairie Village PD

Crime Junkie is investigating the disappearance of Angela Green, who vanished from her home in Prairie Village, Kansas, under very suspicious circumstances.

The 51-year-old Angela was last seen on June 19, 2019, but it was February 2020 before she was reported missing. Angela lived with her husband, Geoff Green, and both investigators and Angela’s family said that Green has allegedly given contrasting stories about what had happened to his wife.

When Ellie Green first asked her father about her mother’s whereabouts, she claimed he told her Angela had gone to a mental health facility “down south.”

However, on a later occasion, Green went to his daughter’s home and told her Angela had died from a stroke in the hospital. He then got in his car and drove off as Ellie reportedly collapsed onto her knees.

Ellie and Angela’s extended family wondered why their loved one hadn’t had a funeral or even an obituary.

They went looking for a death certificate, but the Kansas state officials had no record of Angela’s death. Finally, they reported her as missing to the police.

The Prairie Village PD questioned Geoff Green, and his story changed again. He told the cops his wife was alive and well and was just out of town with friends for a few days.

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Prairie Village police haven’t been able to locate missing Angela Green

The police have since searched two properties belonging to Green but have found no sign of Angela or evidence of foul play.

Ellie and Angela’s niece, Michelle Guo, have worked hard to keep the case in the public eye by speaking to the media and featuring on TV shows and podcasts. Guo said, “I will always continue to persist and fight for my aunt and keep trying to find answers and raise awareness. We will never stop searching for my aunt and trying to figure out what happened.”

Ellie and Guo also hired private detective Steve Ridge, who interviewed dozens of family members, neighbors, and friends and offered a reward of $25,000.

Angela Green relatives hope to find more evidence about her disappearance

Angela’s relatives are also planning to file a wrongful death lawsuit, which they hope will force more evidence into the light.

The Prairie Village cops are still investigating the case and have asked anyone with any information to contact the department at 913-642-6868 or the tips hotline at 816-474-TIPS. The police say they have investigated 150 leads and have brought the FBI in to assist them.

Angela was described as an Asian female, 5′9″ tall and weighing 116 lbs. She had brown hair and brown eyes. She was 51 when she disappeared nearly five years ago.

MISSING: Angela Green is available to download now on Crime Junkie.

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