Albert Correll and his son Duane Correll were murdered by Jhaden Davis over a debt

Albert Correll made a desperate 911 call after he and his son were shot in their own driveway, Murder Calls investigates this double murder.

June, 2012, in Carteret County and Albert Correll, 50, and his son Duane Correll, 20, left the local Walmart at around 9:24 P.M. Just over twenty minutes later Albert made a 911 call saying that his son had been shot dead and that he’d been shot in the heart.

Police arrived to find Duane dead and Albert later died in hospital, despite attempts to save his life. Initially police had few clues to go on, other than a car spotted fleeing the area at speed.

Duane had a few prior misdemeanors for drug offences, but had recently been promoted and was a manager at the local Burger King.

Eventually police homed in on two former Navy corpsmen, in the form of Jhaden Davis and Joseph Pirrotta. Detectives believed that Davis was owed money and followed the Correll’s home with the intention of robbing them.

During the trial the prosecution said that Correll had beaten the father and son in their driveway and then shot them both. He’d then throw the gun in a local inlet and disposed of Albert’s wallet. It was when a diver found the gun a few years later that police were able to match it to the murders.

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In July 2017 Davis was found guilty on two counts of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole.

Pirrotta had his murder charges reduced to accessory to murder after he agreed to testify against Davis, he was sentenced to a maximum of ten years in prison.

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