Wendy Glass and her lover tried 3 times to murder husband James ‘Houston’ Glass: 48 Hours on ID investigate

James 'Houston' Glass and Wendy Glass on their wedding day
James and Wendy Glass had been married 14 years when Wendy plotted with Larry Framness to murder her husband. Pic credit: Family pic

On 48 Hours on ID, the team looks at the case of marine James Glass, who was the subject of a murder plot hatched by his wife, Wendy Glass, and her lover Larry Framness. They tried three times to kill James but failed on each occasion.

Chief Warrant Officer James “Houston” Glass was deployed to Iraq, where he helped to guide supply convoys through battlefields in the early days of the Iraq War. By May 2003, his squadron was back behind the lines in Kuwait when he became the victim of a grenade blast.

On May 14, Glass was in a guard shack when a grenade exploded; he suffered severe wounds to his neck, back, and legs, but he survived the ordeal. Investigators immediately assumed that he’d been a victim of a terrorist attack, but as they looked into the case, they gradually learned the real truth.

James’s wife, Wendy, had been unhappy in her marriage for many years, and she had asked James for a divorce, but he’d refused. In 2001, she began an affair with next-door neighbor Chief Warrant Officer Larry A. Framness.

The pair quickly fell in love and decided they wanted to be together. Framness divorced his wife, but James still refused to give Wendy a divorce. Framness and Wendy agreed they’d have to kill James to get what they wanted.

Larry Framness admitted to luring James Glass to the shack

Framness would eventually confess to luring James to the guard shack before throwing the grenade at him.

Investigators subsequently learned that the grenade attack had been the third attempt on James’s life. On another occasion, Framness and Wendy had plotted to get James drunk in the hope that he’d drive his car off a cliff in the Laguna Mountains of Southern California.

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Framness pleaded guilty in military court to attempted murder, dereliction of duty, making a false official statement, and adultery. He is serving a sentence of 25 years to life.

Wendy Glass pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder and received a sentence of over seven years in prison. Meanwhile, James finally agreed to a divorce.

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