Kwaneta Harris murdered boyfriend Michael Giles and stole his identity: Diabolical investigates

Mugshot of Kwaneta Harris
Kwaneta Harris was sentenced to 50-years in prison for murdering Michael Giles. Pic credit: Dallas County Sheriff’s Office

A bizarre case is profiled on Diabolical this week, Kwaneta Harris murdered her boyfriend Michael Giles in Texas in 2006 and stole his identity. She then concocted an elaborate plan to convince people that Giles was still alive.

In 2006, Harris, a licensed nurse, shot dead her on and off again boyfriend, military retiree Michael Harris, in his own home in Garland, Texas.

She hired a contractor to dig a hole in the backyard under the pretense that it was for a pool. After she had dumped Giles’s remains in the hole, she hired another contractor to fill it in with concrete. His remains were eventually discovered a year later in 2007.

Kwaneta Harris impersonated Michael Giles

Harris did what she could to convince Giles’s family and friends that he was still alive, which included texting them while pretending to be Giles. She also sent emails posing as the dead man. She even telephoned them on occasion, disguising her voice to impersonate Giles.

In order to gain greater access to Giles’s finances, she had her current boyfriend impersonate Giles; he pretended to have been in a car crash and covered himself in bandages. Pretending to be incapacitated, he convinced the bank to sign all of Giles’s bank accounts over to Harris’s care.

Harris left evidence of murder on her computer

Police discovered a large quantity of incriminating evidence when searching Harris’s computer. On the day of the murder, her internet history showed she’d sought how to remove blood from couches, how to get rid of a body, and how to take over someone’s finances. She was arrested in 2009.

While on bail, she attempted to pay a teenager to take the blame for the murder; however, authorities didn’t fall for the ruse. She eventually pleaded guilty and received a 50-year jail sentence.

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Harris’s scheming continued while she was behind bars: in 2016, she managed to obtain a special Dallas County form and forge Judge Amber Givens’ signature on it. The fake paperwork ordered that her sentence be reduced from 50-years in prison to just eight years.

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Laurence L. Smith
Laurence L. Smith
4 years ago

Kwaneta Harris’s complicated scheme relied on people being stupid. How Michael’s mother and others allowed the scheme to go on for so long is hard to comprehend. This crooked b***h will get out when in her late 70’s so she will be thinking up some senior scheme as she lays on her pillow for the next 20-30 years. She took being brazen to a whole another level than any guy would have been proud to pull off.

3 years ago

I hope she dies a horrible death in prison and then BURNS IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY.

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