Jaroslav ‘Jerry’ Hanel murdered landlord Lois Cain and two police officers: ID investigates

Jaroslav “Jerry” Hanel killed landlord Lois Cain and two police officers. Pic credit: Honolulu Police Dept.

The Devil Lives Here on ID is investigating the murderous crimes of Jaroslav “Jerry” Hanel, sometimes referred to as Jarda Hanel, who murdered his landlord Lois Cain before stabbing a neighbor and killing two police officers.

On January 19, 2020, in the ordinarily quiet neighborhood of Diamond Head in Honolulu, Hawaii, Hanel murdered his murdered landlord Cain after she tried to evict him and then attacked and stabbed neighbor Gisela Ricardi-King. Luckily she survived the attack, and another neighbor called the cops.

Tragically, when police officers Tiffany Enriques and Kaulike Kalama turned up at the premises, Hanel opened fire with an AR-15 rifle murdering both officers. A subsequent investigation by the Hawaii police found the officers never stood a chance.

Hanel then set fire to the house; the fire subsequently spread to seven other homes causing irreversible damage. The bodies of both Cain and Hanel were later found in the smoldering remains of the house.

Jaroslav Hanel had been a difficult neighbor

The people of Diamond Head had had problems with Hanel for years; his behavior was described as erratic at best. He was known for spying on the other residents, chasing down cars, and confronting other guests and visitors. Many residents had attempted to take him to court and had attained restraining orders.

Lawyer Jonathan Burge had represented Hanel a number of times over various disputes and arguments with his neighbors. He told NBC that Hanel was a paranoid individual who believed the government had him under surveillance.

Cain had allowed Hanel to board for free at her house in exchange for working as a handyman. However, their relationship had soured, and Cain wanted him out of the house. It’s suspected that the eviction notice may have tipped Hanel over the edge.

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