Horrific crimes of ‘Rehab Mogul’ Christopher Bathum spotlighted on 20/20 on iD

Christopher Bathum mugshot
Christopher Bathum was sentenced to 52 years for performing multiple sexual assaults on vulnerable women at his rehab facilities. Pic credit: Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office

20/20 on ID are investigating the multiple crimes of the so-called ‘Rehab Mogul,’ Christopher Bathum, who was guilty of sexually assaulting numerous women over at least a two year period.

Further investigations into Bathum’s organizations revealed he was also guilty of fraud on a massive scale.

Christopher Bathum owned and operated the Community Recovery of Los Angeles, a chain of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers that operated throughout southern California and Colorado.

Bathum called himself the ‘Rehab Mogul’ and portrayed himself as a father figure to the many women who came seeking his help for addiction. He would often offer them internships at his facilities; unfortunately, he demanded sex in return.

Between 2014 and 2016, Bathum preyed upon his female patients who he plied with drugs as they attempted to battle their addictions. While they were under the influence of the drugs he had administered, he sexually assaulted them.

He was eventually arrested on a charge of assaulting seven women whose ages ranged from their early 20s to 30s.

In February 2018, Bathum was found guilty on 31 counts, including forcible rape, sexual penetration by a foreign object, forcible oral copulation, and sexual exploitation.

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He was subsequently sentenced to 52 years in prison and was put on the sex offenders register for life.

Christopher Bathum was also guilty of fraud

However, Bathum’s crimes didn’t end there; he was also guilty of running a $175 million fraudulent health care billing scheme. Bathum and his accomplice, Kirsten Wallace, were found guilty of billing clients after their treatment had ended and of using their personal details to obtain healthcare insurance policies without their knowledge.

The pair are thought to have defrauded five insurance companies of approximately $44 million. Bathum was given a further 20 years in prison, and Wallace got an 11-year sentence.

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