Yingying Zhang murder: Brendt Allen Christensen preyed on the young Chinese student before decapitating her

Mugshot of Brendt Allen Christensen
Brendt Allen Christensen bragged to his girlfriend about how he had murdered Yingying Zhang. Pic credit: Macon County Sheriff’s Office

Yingying Zhang was a Chinese exchange student at the University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign, when her short life was cut brutally short by an encounter with local resident Brendt Christensen.

Zhang, 26, was last seen alive on June 9, 2017, as surveillance footage clocked her getting into Christensen’s car.

She had just missed her bus in Urbana, Illinois, when Christensen pulled up beside her in his car; playing the role of a good samaritan, he offered her a lift. Instead of taking her to where she wanted to go, he took her to his apartment, where he raped and murdered the student.

He allegedly attacked her with a baseball bat before decapitating her to make sure she was dead. Police have never found her body.

FBI investigators became suspicious of Christensen after they were able to trace his car, a Saturn Astra, back to him from the surveillance footage.

Brendt Christensen’s girlfriend agreed to wear a wire

Terra Bullis was dating Christensen at the time, and when approached by the FBI, she agreed to wear a hidden audio device. She recorded nine different conversations with her boyfriend but finally got a confession on June 29, 2017, as he and Bullis attended a vigil for Zhang.

Terra Bullis spoke about how Christensen seemed “proud” and excited when he talked about the killing. He described how Zhang had fought hard for her life, calling her efforts valiant and “supernatural almost how [Zhang] just didn’t give up.”

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In the audio recording, Christensen also told Bullis that he had murdered 13 other people and that he admired some of America’s most notorious serial killers such as Ted Bundy.

Zhang’s blood and DNA were also discovered in his car and at his apartment.

His defense lawyers told the court that Christensen had a long history suffering from depression, mental illness, and alcohol abuse.

In July 2019, Christensen was eventually sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison for kidnapping and murdering Yingying Zhang. The jury was unable to agree on the death penalty unanimously, so the judge imposed the lesser sentence.

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Mary S
Mary S
3 years ago

I’m so sorry I watched See no evil it was so sad and disturbing. I don’t think I can sleep tonight and I feel her parents pain especially since they don’t have her body and never will. He doesn’t deserve a life time in prison. This is one case they should’nt have followed the law and given him the lethal injection. He did a horrible and cruel thing. He was heartless human being!!

3 years ago

I just saw see no evil, the guy deserve the death penalty

3 years ago

If no other case deserve the death penalty this one surely does.And the nerve of him boasting about it on his way to her vigil considering he is the culprit.The jurors heard him on the tape speaking coldly about taking her life,the only thing that is missing is her body so if that doesn’t deserve the death penalty i don’t know what is

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