Jeffrey Skelton threw his wife into a lake and murdered her lover Michael Delmore: Profile on ID

Mugshot of Jeffrey Skelton
Jeffrey Skelton pleaded guilty to murdering his wife’s lover, Michael Delmore, at his home. Pic credit: Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office

Minnesota Murder on ID travels to Mound City in the northern state to examine the crimes of Jeffrey Skelton in the summer of 2005.

Jeffrey Skelton was so enraged by his wife, Marilyn Skelton, having an affair with Michael Delmore that he threw her into Lake Minnetonka, despite knowing she was unable to swim.

Skelton left the lake for a short time before returning and fishing Marilyn out of the water and leaving her on the shoreline. That night she went to stay at the home of her lover.

Two days later, on Sunday morning, Skelton went to Delmore’s home and broke in. While Marilyn was showering, he crept into the kitchen and shot Michael Delmore five times. Delmore was hit in the chest, eye, foot, and groin.

Skelton then went to the bathroom, where he momentarily pointed the firearm at Marilyn and then fled the scene.

Marilyn phone the police, which triggered a manhunt across the city. At one point, Skelton telephoned a local radio station to say he had only meant to shoot Delmore in the foot.

Jeffrey Skelton turned himself in

Approximately six hours after the shooting, Skelton approached a deputy from Hennepin County sheriff’s office and turned himself in. He told the deputy, “I’ve done what I wanted to do; I’ll turn myself in.”

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Skelton avoided life in prison by pleading guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 33 years, but he will be eligible for parole from 2027.

In 2007 Skelton appealed the decision claiming he was impaired by mental illness at the time of the murder. At the time of his trial, he was evaluated by a psychologist who deemed him mentally competent. His appeal was denied.

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