Murder of Ryan Lane by Sheena Cuthill and Tim and Will Rempel investigated by See No Evil

Family pic of Ryan Lane
Ryan Lane was brutally murdered by ex-partner Sheena Cuthill and Tim and Will Rempel. Pic credit: @Calgary Sun/YouTube

This week, See No Evil is heading north of the border to Calgary, Alberta, to examine the murder of Ryan Lane, who was killed by his ex-partner Sheena Cuthill and her husband, Tim Rempel, and her brother-in-law, Will Rempel.

Sheena Cuthill had been in a relationship with Ryan Lane, and the pair had a baby daughter together, but unfortunately, the affair didn’t work out, and they went their separate ways.

Cuthill would later move on and marry Timothy Rempel, but they were unhappy about sharing visitation rights to Cuthill’s now 4-year-old daughter with Lane.

Lane opposed his former girlfriend’s effort to attain sole guardianship of the girl, so the police believe they plotted to have him murdered. The couple elicited Tim’s brother, Will Rempel, to help with the murder.

Investigators believe that on February 6, 2012, the Rempel brothers lured the 24-year-old Lane with a phone call away from his Calgary home to Beiseker, approximately 70 miles to the northwest of Calgary. They murdered him and set fire to his remains in a burn barrel at a gravel pit where they had both previously worked.

The police were later able to find Lane’s remains by following his cellphone pings to the area; an extensive search eventually led them to the gravel pit.

Police zeroed in on Sheena Cuthill, Tim Rempel, and Will Rempel

Sheena Cuthill, Tim Rempel, and Will Rempel were implicated in the crime by a series of texts between Cuthill and her husband, Tim, that occurred at the same time Lane disappeared.

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The police also made use of wiretaps that recorded Will Rempel incriminating himself while speaking with his mother, Mary Rempel.

In one wiretap, Mary said to her son: “I really, really don’t want Tim and Sheena to have to lose their kids.” To which Will responded: “Before that would happen, I will go down as a sacrificial lamb myself. Don’t worry about it.

The trio were further undone when Lane’s DNA was found in Will’s truck and in Tim’s Jeep. And both vehicles were spotted by surveillance cameras in the area where Lane was last seen.

Ultimately, Sheena Cuthill, Tim Rempel, and Will Rempel were all charged with first-degree murder and were automatically sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole before 25 years.

Sheena Cuthill and Timothy Rempel appealed their convictions, but these were denied by the Alberta Court of Appeal. In 2019, the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear the couple’s appeal.

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